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The easy-to-use WORK-ALERTER is a simple, single circuit program timer which lets you set and change your signal schedules on an internal keypad. Includes a built-in horn or it can be used to control a remote horn or bell.

Built around a solid state micro-processor, the DWAH is extremely reliable and designed to last for years.







Lathem Master Controls are ideal for schools, hospitals, airports and industry.

With Lathem's wall clocks, the Master Control series can improve attendance, organize schedules and increase efficiency. The system can be programmed, via keypad, with eight password-protected bell schedules, which may be used in combinations; each capable of executing 64 multi-function "events" (512 aggregate). There are two models, LTR4 (4 circuits) and LTR8 (8 circuits).

It can store schedules and controls from any RS232 / RS485 connected computer running Lathem's MasterLink Software, or can be accessed and diagnosed remotely, via modem (Model LTR8-512M).

The LTR Series  controls virtually any type of secondary clock system. Lathem manufactures both synchronous and minute impulse secondary wall clocks in a variety of shapes, sizes and clock dial types.






The Sonachron Signal Control and Program Timer is ideal for schools and industry.

The Sonachron is a dual-purpose, single circuit program timer, ideal for signaling horns and bells or for controlling the On/Off status of electrical devices such as HVAC or appliances. A huge asset for your building's GREEN efforts.

The Sonachron is user-friendly, with a front-mounted keypad that lets you program the exact minute and weekday(s) of each event.